Best Tamil Movies to Watch Right Now In aha app

Are you aware of the popular OTT platform aha? Are you wondering what kind of movies you can watch on the platform? There are several movies that are featured on popular and trending platforms. Watching Tamil movies is the best way to Spice up your weekend plans.

Jump onto the aha platform and watch all the latest and trending Tamil movies that are exclusively streamed on the platform. Browse through the platform and watch the best Tamil movies you like.

The best Tamil movies that you must watch right now on aha are:


The plot of Friendship

The storyline of the movie Friendship is based on the life of two college students. The plot of the movie will get you back to your college days. The main plot of the movie is how two friends go out of their path to help a girl get justice. The two boys avenge the sexual abuse and murder of the girl that was committed by a goon.

The movie will give you a brief idea about the true definition of friendship. Both the roles played by the two boys have been done excellently.


The plot of Sethumaayirampon

The movie Sethumaayirampon is dedicated to the warm and heartfelt tribute, a kind of art form that mourns death. This movie delves into the grounds of the relationship between a granddaughter and a grandmother.

The movie perfectly presents the emotions of all the characters without being melodramatic. The Roles in the movie have been played out excellently by all the characters. This movie will touch your heart. There is a deep message that is presented in the movie.

If movies with a hidden message sound good to you, then you must surely watch this movie. Stream this movie exclusively on the aha platform. Make sure that you get to understand the special message of the movie.

Watch the Best Crime Thriller Movies on aha.

Are you in search of amovie app where you can stream or watch all your favorite Tamil movies? Then your worry is over. On the aha platform, you can stream any movie or series according to your liking. Hit the website and browse through the trending list and take your pick.